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Rules and policies

School Uniform
Girls' Uniform: 
  • Maroon & White checked dress, or school polo shirt worn with maroon skorts, pleated skirt or shorts.
  • Maroon and white socks.
  • Black closed in shoes or joggers.
  • Sports briefs should be worn under dresses or skirts.
Boys' Uniform:  
  • School polo shirt worn with maroon shorts.
  • Maroon and white socks. 
  • Black closed in shoes or joggers.
Winter Uniform: Maroon tracksuits are an optional school uniform.
Hats: Hats must be worn in the playground, at sporting events and on excursions.  We strongly recommend the purchase of a broad brimmed hat, as this style of headwear is the best protection against skin cancer.
Uniforms are available for purchase from the Tuckshop each Tuesday after 11.30 am.

Please Note
The school community, together with the P & C Association, are striving to ensure the highest possible standards at this school.  We are seeking your support to maintain these standards by encouraging your child not to wear such items as bicycle pants (unless worn for a particular activity as specified by the teacher), jeans, thongs, makeup, fingernail polish and jewellery such as necklaces (sleepers/studs only in pierced ears), bracelets and rings.  These items can be easily lost and may also be hazardous during play and sporting activities.